Monday, October 10, 2011

Absolute fantasticness=rain

Random fact for this post: I have not yet met one Turk who shuffles cards like we do in America. They just lay the cards on the table and mix them.

I made a vow to myself (and partially on Facebook, although it's put lightly) to start mainly speaking in Turkish. I know quite a few words and sentences but I have a nasty habit of getting away with shaking my head most of the time. I need to get rid of that habit and this is the week I am going to start! :D
There hasn't been very many exciting things going on. Apart from the fact that I am living in a friggen harika foreign country! School is great, my teachers are great, and my classmates are crazy. I found out last week that I have had the wonderful pleasure of being placed in the "trouble making" class of the 11 grade. Needless to suits me just fine. ;) We are always blasting Turkish/American pop songs out the windows for students passing by, we have a water kettle in our room, we laugh pretty much constantly, and are told to be quiet pretty much constantly. Its wonderful.
School actually got canceled today because it rained so much yesterday! My yard is still a lake, and the some of the roads have 2 meters of water on them. It is amazing! RAINY DAYS AND MONDAYS!!
I'm getting to bake some Turkish foods....well, I mostly watch because I tend to overdue some things apparently. Like getting to much egg mix on a tortilla. Or, 5 tortillas. NOT THE POINT. The food is super duper uber good here! I am so excited to be able to make some different things when I get home.
By the way....can you get fruit poisining? Orrrr yogurt poisoning? I eat so much fruit and yogurt that I feel I am going to get sick any day. It's way to good to be true. My host dad brought bananas back from the market on Sunday, and by the rapturous expression on my face while eating a banana in the middle of our kitchen, i'm pretty sure my host mom thinks i'm bonkers. That or she's just gonna start buying a truckload of bananas each week ;D
I told my host mom that I make banana bread and cinnamon rolls back home, i'm pretty sure the look on her face was that of interest, but I was pretty tired so it might have been one of pure fear of being poisoned by these weird foods. Hard to tell.
I have my inbound orientation camp this weekend in Ankara! I am so excited to meet all the people in my district. Just from talking on Facebook and Skype I can tell we are going to be a close knit group. I'll be gone for 3 days and am super excited that I finally get to travel to Ankara! Istanbul is next on my list!!

By the way, my Facebook randomly changes from English to Turkish and vice that weird? O.o

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