Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lack of internet

Sorry I have been out of contact! I was staying at a host relatives house for a while and their internet wasn't easily accessible so I just went without! Turkey is still absolutely amazing! Any doubts I have about choosing this country vanish as soon as I step out my front door. I could see every part of Antalya 10 times and be just as happy to see it the 11th time. This country is truly amazing.
I am almost finished with my second week of school here. I am happy to say that school is better than I could have ever hoped! My classmates are great! We get along very well and were pretty good friends on the first day. There are 10 girls and 2 boys in my class and I have about 17 different subjects. It is very nice because the teachers rotate classrooms instead of the students. We have 9 classes on Monday and Tuesday then 8 classes Wednesday through Friday. My teachers are very supportive and interested in my life even if they don't speak English! They all make me feel welcome and have told me that if I ever need to talk I can come to them. My classmates introduce me to new people every day and people are starting to recognize me as "the American",
I am picking up the language very quickly according to the native Turks. All of my teachers thought I was Turkish. Then they started talking to me. So far I have been asked about who Martin Luther is and why we dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and have been able to share even more of USA's history. I am helping my cousins, classmates, and teachers with their English and love it! Being able to help others learn my native language is very fun, and we always end up having interesting conversations.
I'm not sure if you're interested or not but here is the list of my classes:
English Grammar
Turkish Grammar
English Literature
Turkish Literature

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