Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm getting better at this blog thing.

I am starting on my third week in this beautiful country and I love it more everyday. Just the other day my host family and I went to dinner at a little restuarant on the Sea. It was so picturesque! I didn't take pictures of it, but sometimes memories should be kept to yourself(: I have made a few friends that are going to the same school as I. Two of them are host cousins that live not far from me.
School starts on Monday and I am very excited! A lot of the exchange kids here in Turkey seem to be a little apprehensive about school because of the uniforms and strict rules but I am very excited! Nobody seems to be able to tell me all the rules or stipulations of Antalya Koleji (my school) and if I can't find them on the net I will get to learn from experience! :D

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