Saturday, September 3, 2011

delayed blog post...

I have arrived in the beautiful turkiye. Actually I arrived a week ago, but I couldn't remember my blog name. haha. Tukey is amazing! When I was flying in I was able to see the Mediterranean Sea and the beautiful city of Antalya. Upon my landing I was greeted by my host mom, another one of my host moms, my host brother, and one of his friends. (: they were all holding wonderful signs that were welcoming me to this beautiful country. It was very hot when I arrived but after about 3 days I acclimated and got used to the heat. It hardly bothers me any more. The night I got in, Cem (host brother) and Bahutan (friend) took me for a small tour of the mall near my house. We ate Manti, which is pasta with yogurt. Turns out they use yogurt in everything! I've even had a yogurt soup! :D
So far I have been to two different beaches, both of which were absolutely stunning, the water was amazingly blue, and I went white water rafting! The water in the river was also amazingly blue and clear! I have had so much fun so far, and am learning the language well. It isn't considered quick by American standards, but by Turkish standards it is better than they could have hoped for. My host mom has been very patient with me and is pointing out different things and helping me learn the turkish words for them. Although I am excited to be here and as amazing as the food is here, I cannot help but have cravings for my local food back in Driggs, Idaho....and my starbursts are running out! (:

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  1. I am so jeolous that you are in Antalya! isn't the Turkish language beautiful? soak it all in!