Friday, September 16, 2011

turkish kina(:

I got to see the coolest thing last night at my Rotary meeting! It turns out there was a Turkish bachelorette party, or a kina, in the ballroom next to our conference room! For the main ceremony the bride sits down in a chair in the middle of the women attending and a veil is put over her face. (her traditional turkish wedding dress was beautiful by the way). Then her mom and aunt (pretty sure thats who it was) go around her chair waving candles on a platter back and forth over her head. The platter is the same color as her veil (a beautiful red). The two women then put a sort of paste on each of the bride's palms. The paste is covered with tissues and then red pockets matching the veil are put over her hands. This is to keep the paste on until it dries. The climax song is used specifically for this ceremony and is absolutely beautiful. The main point of this ceremony is to make the bride cry because she is leaving her family. Weird, but cool in its own way. And the rest of the kina is just dancing all day and all night and eating!

One of my friends' moms went in and found the paste. I now have an orange circle on my hand :D so do 2 of my friends. It was an amazing night!

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